Economic Law of the Lord

Economic Law of the Lord

NOW, AS TO MONEY, WE DON’T HEAR MUCH OF IT UNDER GOD’S LAW — only certain prohibitions concerning it. That is the difference between a civilization where the profit of living is cash and a civilization where the profit of living is life. Where there can be no economic collapse, where you can’t cheat a man out of his property, where there is no profit in debt, where money is not regarded as wealth anyway — money naturally drops to its own place.

Today we make automobiles and raise wheat and sell our labour in order to buy money — the buying and selling of money is the whole of modern business. In a natural society, we buy and sell commodities of use — money is just the counter across which the exchange passes. It is only where the Law of God is unknown that money is regarded as wealth.

“The principal money law in Divine Economics is the law against Interest. I simply state the fact; it would require an entire lecture to give the reasons underlying this law. It may, however, impress this financially wise generation to know that the Interest Business and the Debt Business are today the foundation of national and international finance. In Israel, because of this law, there was no incentive to invent means to get everybody into debt, because there was no profit in debt.

“And there really is no profit in debt, even today — but we are just finding that out! We only thought there was! The internal debt of the United States today, a debt instigated primarily for interest profit, amounts to 148 billions of dollars[1].