Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 140

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 140

Book Report – Atlas Shrugged By Ayn Rand

THIS IS A BIG, BIG BOOK. THUS HARD FOR MANY TO READ, the title of this book in the beginning was ‘The Strike.’ The theme of the story: ‘What happens to the world when the prime movers go on strike?’ It is pictured as though the world, like a car, with its motor shut off. Thus, before you start the review, then who are the prime movers of our civilization and why are they pictured as thus, and how do they function? Who are their enemies and why? What are the motives behind the hatred for and the enslavement of the prime movers, the nature of the obstacles placed in their way and why, and the reason for it?

This novel was written in 1957. But in 1936, she wrote ‘We the Living.’ And then in 1943, she wrote ‘Fountainhead.’ From the first book, do you get the picture that maybe she knows something interesting and has written it just as a novel so as to get it published?

In her book ‘Fountainhead,’ she brings out this theme of the ‘prime movers’ and the enslavement of those listed as such and the emphases is on the world, the prime movers, the parasites, and the world’s people. There she shows how the world is moved forward by certain people while others live as parasites on these who move the world forward, and build a good civilization. And stresses that without such people, the world will decay.

Ayn Rand, over these years, was able to see the world picture as men of stature moved the civilization of the advanced nations forward while certain men as parasites, also road on their backs. And the world society slowly sank lower and lower toward chaos. Not only in the moral field, but the political, as well as the religious field, and the economic field.

When reviewing her book, you soon gather that she is telling the story in fiction as to how the World Shrugged it shoulders as this decay set in, and did nothing to stop this descent into chaos. In other words, we would say that money became the god of the World Order and many, even of our race, under false teaching and illusion, fell for this same idol. Here today, we have the feeling that as our author looked into the future, she saw what was happening to America as the years went by and ‘Big Brother’ behind the scene, was manipulating the United States of America and the whole Aryan world for their profit. And now we have even seen the YEAR OF THE WOMAN, and ‘Big Sister’ on the same stage. And then the Woman on the Back of the Red Beast surfaced and the downward slide of our nation picked up speed.

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 139

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 139

Are There Mysteries?

WE HAVE BEEN STUDYING THE TRANSLATIONS OF THE OLD BOOKS WHICH WE SECURED FROM THE LIBRARY EXCHANGE SUCH AS THE BOOKS OF ELIJAH, by Albert Pietersma and Susan Turner Comstock with Harold A. Attridge, and P. Chester Beatty helping from the Society of Biblical Literature, working from these old Manuscripts dated from the end of the fourth or fifth century, and now published in 1981. We have also acquired the “Apocalypse of Peter” and this is from the Greek Ethiopic writings, by Dennis D. Buchholz, published in 1947.

It is established that the “Apocalypse of Peter” was well known, and used through out the ancient Roman Empire. Our author, after much research, believes that when ever there is reference to “The Apocalypse of Peter” that it is this Ethiopic book that they are referring to. There were thus other translations of this book and some are quoted here and we noted that in each of these old books that forces had been at work, for the first message in each was an add on, but all carried the same story of the Great Valley of this so called “Perdition or Hell” where people are pictured as being tortured forever and forever. As you get past this story then the teaching of Peter to his disciples and his understanding of what Jesus said then comes out.

The ancient writer and disciple Clement is also discussed in these books and he tells of the persecution of the early church of God, from its beginning. It was believed by Peter and also Clement that certain problems of persecution suffered by the followers of YAHSHUA (Jesus) would be better understood if you came to the correct knowledge as to the WHY of the crucifixion of The Christ. Peter was struggling to open minds so they would understand as to why this crucifixion was necessary. This was one reason this scroll was considered as scripture in the early church centuries.

As Peter explains why The Christ had to be crucified to rescue His household now in earth with the one called THE DECEIVER, we now understand today why the attempt to hide the true translations of old records and we therefore expect this as we wade through trying to find the truth.

Our author describes this by saying: as time went on the original writings were discarded because Men began to decide what the Apostles must have or have not known.

We of course learned from the Swift Ministry and other sources that the early church handed down by the Apostles who had walked with The Christ and had been given what was termed “The Spirit of Truth”. These infiltrators had a big hand in trying to hide the true scriptures and thus brought on the dark ages.

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 138

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 138

The Gate of Remembrance

FROM THE COLLECTORS LIBRARY OF THE UNKNOWN, a time life book written by Frederich Bligh Bond comes to our attention a subject which is also the title becoming very interesting. The author was an Archaeologist, a resident of Somerset county in the Southwest of England. He was said to be very interested in psychic research, and he wrote as though from that view point, but you must remember that there was much available as to the old books by 1907 and other factors enter in to your mind as you read his writings. In 1907 he saw a chance to gratify all his interests in antiquity and he took it. The results was two major archaeological discoveries, and although this resulted in the professional ruin of our author, since the word Psychic did not go well at that time, still you must remember that he did uncover two major archaeological finds which added to our knowledge as to the antiquity story of Glastonbury, in south-western England. His book, The Gate of Remembrance was published in Oxford England in 1918 by B. H. Blackwell.

Our author was born June 30, 1864 in the small town of Marlborough. His father was an Anglican Clergyman. Bond was the 8th., child in a family of 12. His family through the centuries had produced a large number of school masters, Generals, Admirals, Clergymen, and Physicians.
The outstanding archaeological and architectural wonder of the authors home country, indeed of that whole region was the fragmentary remains of Glastonbury, England. Historically that sites origin goes back in antiquity to the legend tracing the ruins to Joseph of Arimathea, and earthly relative of YAHSHUA, Jesus, who in the New Testament times was said to have buried The Crucified Christ in his own tomb in old Jerusalem, and then later brought the Holy Grail, the quest for which motivated the Knights of the Roundtable.

This hide of land has also been said to be the legendary blessed Isle of Avalon where the wounded King Arthur went to die and to be buried. In other old books we find that this was the area where The Christ came with Joseph of Arimathea to the tin mines, and where he built the little Wattle Church which proved true as they found the ruins of the same. We also remember that a home for Mary, the mother of the body in which HE dwelt in His walk here in the flesh, was also built here in that area so that she could live out her days in Peace and quiet, being safe from those in the World Order who hated everything about The Christ. This area of Glastonbury was a resting place for those who came west after the Crucifixion, and from where they then moved out on their missions.

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 137

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 137

The Light of Christmas

HERE IN DECEMBER OF 1993 WE FIND THAT THE ENEMY IS STILL TRYING TO TAKE OUR HOLIDAY AWAY FROM US, and they have been working toward that goal for years.

No matter that December 25., is not the birth date of our Saviour, and we do not believe that it is, yet still that is the day that the Christians chose on which to celebrate the birth of our Redeemer and Saviour, therefore do not let the enemy take this celebration away from you as they have other items of your inheritance. We believe as did Dr. Swift and other ministers, that the Christ Child was not born December 25., although his conception date was probably in the latter part of December, and in olden times this date was counted as the birthday of the child. We realize that many necessary things have been added to our Christmas celebration of our race, by keeping CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS, this is a family Holiday for our race.

Today we find the Jews celebrating a holiday known as Hanukkah, but you must remember where this Celebration came from. In the time period between the Old and New Testament, we find that it was the Maccabees, Judahites who were carrying the load of trying to hold the Israelite control of Judea, and especially Jerusalem. After winning a decisive battle against the Edomite Jews, the people of Israel celebrated victory with their “Feast of Lights”.

Later as the Edomites were able to take control from the Israelites in Jerusalem, then the Maccabees who were left alive finally migrated to the west following in the footsteps of those of their people who had gone before. They showed their lineage by settling in Germany for this had been established long ago, with Judah on the east of the western Kingdom outline. Thus actually today then Hanukkah is a German celebration taken over and claimed by the Jews who are not of Judah, or any other tribe of Israel. You cannot take one child out of a family of 12 sons and make him a Jew by claiming some of his inheritance. Once more we call attention to the Candelabra of the Israelites, and of the Jewish celebration.

Here in December of 1993., we find that World Brotherhood has not been able to set in place this so called “world government” program which they have pushed all these years in their secret meetings of those organizations such as CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Builderbergers, and so forth. These organizations of International wealthy people thinking they know best how to govern all people of the world have failed to bring to a climax their goal of a One World Government.

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 136

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 136

The Man of Sin – The Year of The Woman

(The Man of Sin) (Followed By ‘The Year of The Woman’ In The Second Part)
THE APOSTLE PAUL IN WRITING TO THE THESSALONIANS WAS TELLING HIS BRETHREN OF THINGS TO COME, here he was especially speaking of the Resurrection, and then the coming of Jesus the Christ, this time in great power and Glory, and what was to occur at that time. (I Thess. 4) The Apostle Paul then goes on with his instructions to the Israelites to whom he has been sent telling them that they, as was he, not in darkness, for you should be looking for HIS return because ‘Ye are the children of Light, the children of the Day; ye are not of the night or of darkness. Therefore we should watch and wait for this Day.’ In other words, you are the children of this Day of the LORD. You are not one of those condemned to Wrath.

‘But let no man deceive you by any means; for the Day (of the LORD) shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that ‘man of sin’ be revealed, the son of perdition.’ (II Thess. 2:3) Thus the ‘falling away’ would occur before the ‘man of sin’ would be revealed before the coming of the Christ to gather HIS Household to HIM.

Justine Martin (100-165) in speaking of the ‘Coming of the Christ,’ said, ‘HE will come from heaven with glory when the man of Apostasy, who speaks strange things against the MOST HIGH shall venture to do unlawful deeds on earth against the Saints who have learned the true worship of God from the LAW AND THE WORD which went forth from Jerusalem by the Apostles of Jesus.’ This man believed that Christ would come from the heavens with glory and accompanied by HIS Angel hosts, and then HE would raise the bodies of the Adamic people who have lived in earth, and will clothe those worthy with immortality.

Irenaeus (130-202) spoke of the Resurrection which takes place after the climb to power of the anti-Christ, and those who follow him into the lake of fire, but for the Righteous, HE brings in the Kingdom. All down through the ages, great Christian men believed that the anti-Christ would arise and that the final anti-Christ would finally be exposed. And then the career of that ‘man of sin’ would be ended by the ‘Coming of the Christ’ at the end of the age.

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 135

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 135

The Glory of The Lord Revealed In His Saints

ONE OF THE WAYS IN WHICH THE WORLD SHALL SEE THE GLORY (LIGHT) OF THE LORD IS AS THE APOSTLE PAUL TELLS US: (THESSALONIANS 1:10) “When he shall come to be Glorified in His Saints, to be admired in all those that believe because of our testimony among you in that day.” Here the Apostle Paul is urging all the brethren of Israel to love one another, and to study to perfect their Faith, so that “your hearts will be ready at the coming of our LORD Jesus the Christ with all His Saints.” (1 Thess. 3:13)

Who then are these so called “Saint’s” you find so involved in this continuing story of the scriptures? You find them in the old books, you find them in the oldest book of the Bible as YAHWEH was talking to Job, asking him who he would turn to for help in his troubles. Yahweh said: (Job 5:11) “Call now if there be any that will answer thee, and to which of the Saints would you turn to (for help?)” After all, the saints are not God, they also turn to YAHWEH their father for help.

In the scriptures we find that the Saints are undoubtedly not all in earth, only some of them for: “But to the Saints that are in earth, and to their excellence in whom is all My delight” (Ps. 16:3). Then David would write (Ps. 50:5) having YAHWEH saying: “Gather my saints together unto me; those that have made a covenant with me by Sacrifice.” As you will remember, always the Adamites as they migrated in old Testament days, would pause often and build an altar then prepare a symbolic sacrifice looking longingly forward to the day when YAHWEH as YAHSHUA, as promised, would come into earth in flesh as Savior of his people, and through them the world.

It is recorded also in Psalms 89:35., this promise, “I have made a covenant with MY CHOSEN, I have sworn unto David my servant, thy seed will I establish forever, and build up thy throne, unto all generations, and the heavens shall praise thy wonders, O LORD, thy faithfulness also in the Congregation of the Saints”. Then in Psalms 116:15., again David records: “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of HIS SAINTS”. David of course knew that he was of this race of the servants of YAHWEH. In the Companion Bible the word ‘Saints’ is defined as Sons or children.

We would then say that the Saints are YAHWEH’S Household, some now in earth, his chosen, his servants in physical bodies to build his kingdom here in earth. This could only be accomplished in Physical bodies, and now these called Saints are in earth, have been since Adam and Eve were put out of the Garden, and entered their physical bodies prepared for them, so that they could do His work in earth.

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 134

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 134

“Ancient Knowledge Becomes Today’s Wisdom”

AS WE AGAIN LOOK BACK IN TIME FOR THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE ANCIENT SCIENTIST’S OF OUR RACE, we find that Pythagoras believed that you could find a path to creation by using the science of Numerology. In our time several writers have given us the program of Numerology, by establishing the Old Testament Hebrew alphabet, and the New Testament Greek alphabet into the science of Numerology. One of the most modern writers we have read is Bonnie Gaunt. Her book called “The Stones cry out” is very interesting. She also calls attention to the words of our Saviour as He came into Old Jerusalem riding on the back of a colt. As the Israelites in the city welcomed Him they cried, “Hosanna to the son of David; blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord.” Some of the people in the crowd rebuked them for shouting but Yahshua, “He who sat on the colt” said these strange words: “If these (children) should hold their Peace, the Stones would cry out.” Luke 19:40.

A strange statement? No. Through the ages His program and plan has been revealed through His Household, but also revealed, if you have the spirit to discern, through the stones of the earth. Fifty five times in the Scripture He is identified as “The Rock” a symbol of power, of strength, of endurance, and this symbol is also given to Jesus the Christ more than 25 times.

Pythagoras thus taught his followers that nature is commanded and revealed in numbers, and both the Hebrew and Greek alphabet’s to work with then old and new writers have given us a route to knowledge by tracing the different words and phrases of scripture to reveal the messages left in the different monuments and stones which the Master Builders of this race erected over the earth as they built and marked their great civilizations which have enriched the earth. Numerology is just one of the many sciences that can be used to assign to different words and phrases into their proper categories.

For instance, the basic foundation number of all creation is 12. At the Equator there are equal parts of both night and day. Then the number 21 is used all through the Scripture in outlining God’s program. Then the number 12 is used all through the scripture in outlining God’s program. Bonnie Gaunt has in her book connected facts through the use of Numerology, following in the footsteps of other authors who have helped to create the science of Numerology, and she tells us that, “God’s best kept secrets are hidden in Stone.”

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 133

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 133

All Ye Who Thirst Come To The Waters


In our understanding, the pure river of the WATER OF LIFE from YAHWEH who is also the LAMB, is the restored glory of the Kingdom now also in earth. The TREE OF LIFE on either side of this river seals in the Kingdom Administration through the 12 tribes of Israel of the scriptures. This is the story, from the beginning and now.

“He said to me: it is done, I am ALPHA and OMEGA, the beginning and the end.”

And now: “If any man thirst let him come unto me and drink. He that believeth on Me, as the scripture hath said: out of his belly (heart) shall flow rivers of living water.” (John 7:37-38)

In the understanding of symbolism then “Water” is the symbol of people, and the “TREE OF LIFE” is describing a people, a race stream out of the spirit into earth.

“And the Serpent cast out of his mouth water (people) as a flood after the woman (Israel) that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.” (Rev. 12:15).

Thus we have in earth two types of water (people) and in the scriptures we are asked: .”‘doth a fountain send forth at the same place, sweet water and bitter water? Canst the fig tree, my brethren, bear Olive berries, or a Vine, figs? Thus no fountain yields both salt water and fresh.” (James 3;12)

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 132

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 132

The Battle for Our Nation

AS THIS GREAT CIVILIZATION WAS BEING BUILT ON THE VIRGIN SOIL OF NORTH AMERICA, a People were moving in Destiny, and they established a new nation carrying the Banner of their God.

From its beginning an enemy was riding on the shoulders of the people of this nation, like parasites, but this was a growing and developing nation and this progress in their path of destiny could not be stopped. However using the power of the Purse and the program of wars, the enemy was able to weaken our nation and destroy some of the most young and outstanding of the nation. This weakened the increase, and moral fiber of this civilization. However in spite of the enemy, men of vision produced the Constitution of these United States, and the first 12 Amendments known as the Bill of Rights. No other nation has produced such a document and set in place a Republic type of government like this one now in place among these people of Destiny. No earthly king would rule over this nation which acknowledged only One King, and One Nation under God.

Since the beginning of this nation the attack has come from school desegregation, racial discrimination in employment, voting rights, affirmative action, abortion, and criminal proceedings, all are in the thinking of many and are tied in one way or another to the First Amendment, the 13th., Amendment, the 14th., Amendment, and the 15th., Amendment of those who drafted these Amendments should help us see the difference in the thinking of the men back in those early days, and the way they are interpreted today. Perhaps here we will find the answer to the decay of this great civilization and nation, our own United States of America.

In today’s world it is very fashionable, especially in the Academic world, to look back in history for answers. We however believe just the opposite, therefore we have turned to the old book, ‘Civil Rights, the Constitution, and Congress of 1863‑1869’, by Earl M. Maltz, published in 1950. For the other side of the picture, ‘The Myth of Separation’, by David Barton, published in 1992. This last book mentioned deals with the Separation of Church and State, going back in time for the thinking of the forefathers, then noting the changes which have occurred in the interpretation of this Amendment over the years.

The first Amendment to the Constitution states: .Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 131

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 131

A Review – The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered

THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS WERE DISCOVERED IN 1947. They were found in caves in ancient Palestine, especially at Qumran. They immediately were placed under the control of an elite and secretive clique and only selected ones were allowed published and interpreted.

In the autumn of 1991, this monopoly was broken when the Huntington Library in California announced they would allow public access to the collection of Scrolls they possessed. Always it was maintained that there was nothing interesting in these scrolls. Nothing that would throw any light on the rise of Christianity there in old Palestine. As expected, certain people rushed to the library and declared the same message. The Professor Eiseman, who is Professor of Middle East Religions at California State University, and Professor Wise, an Assistant Professor of Aramaic language at the University of Chicago, decided to challenge the status quo and they prepared the book ‘The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered,’ which covers 50 of these key documents which have been withheld from the public for over 35 years. Both of these men have studied scrolls and written other books on this same subject. And I noticed from their writings that after all they have discovered, they still write as though the Palestine people at that time must have been all Jews. Although they do mention other people at certain times. Perhaps they do this so that they can get the book published as we have discovered at other times.

This book was published just last year in 1992, in England, and then in the United States, and by January of 1993, they are telling us it will soon be out of print, for someone is trying to shut down those printing presses. Wonder why?

This review may seem sort of uninteresting to some of you, but I believe it will be a good review for your library. Therefore I hope you enjoy this work.

Our authors tell us that the most important cave for our purpose of understanding was discovered in 1954 in Cave 4, after the partitioning of Palestine, and its content then went into the Jordanian controlled Rockefeller Museum in East Jerusalem, while the content of Cave 1 had gone into an Israeli controlled museum in West Jerusalem, the Israeli Museum.