Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 139

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 139

Are There Mysteries?

WE HAVE BEEN STUDYING THE TRANSLATIONS OF THE OLD BOOKS WHICH WE SECURED FROM THE LIBRARY EXCHANGE SUCH AS THE BOOKS OF ELIJAH, by Albert Pietersma and Susan Turner Comstock with Harold A. Attridge, and P. Chester Beatty helping from the Society of Biblical Literature, working from these old Manuscripts dated from the end of the fourth or fifth century, and now published in 1981. We have also acquired the “Apocalypse of Peter” and this is from the Greek Ethiopic writings, by Dennis D. Buchholz, published in 1947.

It is established that the “Apocalypse of Peter” was well known, and used through out the ancient Roman Empire. Our author, after much research, believes that when ever there is reference to “The Apocalypse of Peter” that it is this Ethiopic book that they are referring to. There were thus other translations of this book and some are quoted here and we noted that in each of these old books that forces had been at work, for the first message in each was an add on, but all carried the same story of the Great Valley of this so called “Perdition or Hell” where people are pictured as being tortured forever and forever. As you get past this story then the teaching of Peter to his disciples and his understanding of what Jesus said then comes out.

The ancient writer and disciple Clement is also discussed in these books and he tells of the persecution of the early church of God, from its beginning. It was believed by Peter and also Clement that certain problems of persecution suffered by the followers of YAHSHUA (Jesus) would be better understood if you came to the correct knowledge as to the WHY of the crucifixion of The Christ. Peter was struggling to open minds so they would understand as to why this crucifixion was necessary. This was one reason this scroll was considered as scripture in the early church centuries.

As Peter explains why The Christ had to be crucified to rescue His household now in earth with the one called THE DECEIVER, we now understand today why the attempt to hide the true translations of old records and we therefore expect this as we wade through trying to find the truth.

Our author describes this by saying: as time went on the original writings were discarded because Men began to decide what the Apostles must have or have not known.

We of course learned from the Swift Ministry and other sources that the early church handed down by the Apostles who had walked with The Christ and had been given what was termed “The Spirit of Truth”. These infiltrators had a big hand in trying to hide the true scriptures and thus brought on the dark ages.