New Ensign 171 November 2023

Wake Up Folks The Trap is Being Set!


While Christian people of the west are glued to their TV or smart phone watching the Israel/Gaza false flag war started 2 weeks ago, most won’t know that they are witnessing the end game of the chess pieces of their own destruction being moved into place.

The Ukrainian Russian war has drastically reduced the west’s ammunition stockpile, with many key NATO military personnel having been killed. So now the West throws the last of its resources into fighting the contrived war in the Middle East.

In the meantime, while people’s attention has been focused on the Middle East, here in the UK and elsewhere throughout the West, the covert army being imported under the guise of asylum seekers are being trained in army camps around the UK, such as the one in Thetford forest.

Not only that, they are wearing UN uniforms with blue helmets. The training has been going on in the middle of the night. Armoured vehicles with UN markings have been seen moving through the town of Thetford itself.

The enemy is determined to remove Christianity from off the face of the earth, it would then not be surprising if Israel is allowed to be completely destroyed and in so doing destroy also the faith of Christians’ who have long doted on that pariah state and its inhabitants falsely called Israel.

The church goers in true Israel believe that “God’s Chosen” live in the stolen land of Palestine. They will have a rude awakening when their strong delusion is lifted. Praise Yahweh!!

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New Ensign 171 November 2023
New Ensign 171 November 2023

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