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Here We Go Again

Reports are coming in of another plandemic on the way for this Autumn, not only that, masks are being quietly mandated. In the USA the federal government, led by the Department of Defence, is contracting with private firms to enact fear-based Covid lock-downs mark 2. This is pure fascism.

It should be borne in mind that the enemy during the last onslaught did not fully achieve all of its aims, so its likely that it will be rolled out under a different guise, although a new variant of covid is being aired at the moment, or it could be a climate change emergency. They started preparing us for such an eventuality, at least in Europe, just at the start of the holiday season. when the BBC issued its notorious temperature chart showing temperatures from 50C in southern Europe to 30C in the UK, except for a few local areas in the south, no doubt to discourage travel. The BBC had viewers phoning up from Scotland to Norfolk saying it was so cold that they had to put on gloves and fleeces to keep warm!

Dr. David Martin, who gave a 20 min, speech to the EU Parliament, quoting from official data concerning the vaccine rollout and disaster in its wake, left the EU members gob smacked. The video of the proceedings has one of the largest number of downloads ever!

Dr, Martin likens the global elite to a beast already dead with a spear through its head charging at the shooter in its death throws only to fall dead at his feet before he goes to devour him! For this reason he urges people not to comply with the discredited beast system.

This advice is in line with the Scriptures, which urges us to come out of the Beast System,, “For who is able to make war with the beast/” The Scriptures say that Jacob (mostly the white Caucasians) will be victorious in the end. The trap they have woven for us will snare them instead of His people. Praise Yahweh.


The Editor(

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Editors (

This magazine is for private subscription only
and is not in any way connected to The Ensign
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New Ensign 169 September 2023
New Ensign 169 September 2023

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