New Ensign 166 June 2023

Not All News is Bad

OVER THE PAST MONTHS AND YEARS true Israel has been subjected to an overwhelming tsunami of bad news and unfounded rumours from the enemy’s massive propaganda machine, for they know worry and stress cause physical illness with the bonus of making the population more subservient to the powers that should not be.

Whilst there are still dangers ahead to be faced, its not all doom and gloom. In many of the English speaking nations, an unseen attack is being made on the beast system to hit it where it hurts most, and that is in its purse – starving the beast of funds, using its own rules as well as Common Law.

These people are becoming a great army working below the radar of the enemy in lawfully not paying fines, reclaiming money paid through the great mortgage swindle, unlawful council tax, direct debits to name a few. More info on this will be provided in the next addition, with a flow chart and description of how the loan fraud works, provided by a subscriber to this magazine.

More good news, Facebook has begun firing its fact-checkers and has admitted that the censorship operation has been a catastrophic failure.

Amid millions of users worldwide abandoning the platform, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been forced to take drastic action and reverse his pro-censorship stance, including sacking thousands of his fact checkers.

In the USA, the Amish people suffered 30 times less deaths that the rest of the USA, because they did not observe the lockdown rules nor take the jab. Lets hope the non Amish people around them take notice of this fact!More and more people originally supporters of migration on humanitarian grounds are now coming to realise their folly.

Diesel and petrol prices have fallen back recently after dire warnings that they would continue to skyrocket.
More people are deserting the supermarkets for more wholesome locally produced food to remain fit to fight the good fight! All praise to Yahweh for his help!

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New Ensign 166 June 2023
New Ensign 166 June 2023

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