New Ensign 164 April 2023

As we come into April and its notorious “April Fools Day” following the relatively quite month of March, we mustn’t deceive ourselves that all is getting back to normal. Far from it!!

For those with discernment, will have seen future events casting their ugly shadow before them. Like flying a kite for the next plandemic “Bird Flu/ Fowl Pest”. Many, especially those in big cities will notice the shortage of eggs over recent weeks.

This is just another attack on our food supply, eggs, raw milk, beef and lamb all good sources of natural protein. Not only that, egg yoke has been found to be an excellent source for counteracting graphine-oxide and spiked mRNA people have received via injection or food. As usual they are killing 2 birds with one stone! Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: “I have absolute faith that mRNA vaccines will kill you!”

A Swedish scientist has exposed the planned endgame in relation to the vaccine programme, and that is, those who have already been vaccinated will be turned into attack zombies, as the injected self-assembling nanobots will gravitate to the brain and take control of the brain behaviour centres. On a signal received via 5G, the vaccinated person will recognise an unvaxxed person and immediately go on the attack to destroy him or her! An excellent podcast on the subject on Eurofolk radio – Click here.

Many will have noticed the inordinate amount of road works and road closures of late, there is no doubt, in many cases 5G is being hard wired to lampposts to be re transmitted via their powerful antennae and the 20 min cities is another ploy to keep people within the kill zones!
Now is the time to join with those successfully working to get cell towers removed, using their own rules and regulations against them as has been done in NE England, by pointing out, that no health and safety assessment has carried out!
Praise Yahweh, for He has declared that “no evil formed against His people will prosper!!


The Editors

New Ensign 164 April 2023
New Ensign 164 April 2023

April 2023 issue of The New Ensign Magazine. 40pp PDF

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