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Queen Elizabeth II Dead An End of An Era


Since the last edition of this magazine we have seen a passing of an era of outstanding and astonishing events, in the death of Elizabeth II at the age of 96 on 8th September 2022; an unprecedented length of reign of 70 Years and 7 Months.

It is remarkable that the British Empire began to expand and prosper under Elizabeth I and then declined under Elizabeth II and became ruled over by the City of London crown. The monarch even having to obtain permission of the Lord Mayor to enter that independent sovereign state!

While much has been said and is being said about the Queen particularly the extent of her influence on state affairs, although one can never be absolutely certain, but from evidence in plain sight, scandals galore amongst the Westminster establishment, any influence she had, has diminished markedly towards the end of her long reign.

The Monarchy lost much of its power following the murder of Charles I when the House of Commons took upon itself the former Royal prerogative of coining money, more so later when William of Orange (puppet of the Amsterdam Jews) permitted the creation of a central bank, namely the Bank of England, then almost immediately borrowed a large sum from it to fight the French, since when the British have been in debt to the bank ever since. Centralisation, is Communism!

The Brexit Act having received the Royal assent on 23 January 2020, coming into effect on the 1st of Feb following. However, while all eyes were were fixed on the exit from Europe, few noticed a clause tucked away in that verbose bill where Parliament declared itself Sovereign, thereby dethroning the Monarch, whereas before it consisted of the three estates, Monarch, House of Lords and House of Commons.

The Queen was wheeled out to give credence to the CV scam and in her Christmas Day broadcast, stating, “those who did not take the vaccine were selfish,” It is ironic therefore, the timing of both the Queen and Prince Philip’s death coincides with the date interval between taking the CV and death. Was this another Satanic sacrifice Elizabeth II reported dead round the world 911 days exactly after the day that changed the world, when the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared a worldwide pandemic on 11 March 2020! The Queen having also died 77 years, 7 days after the end of WWII ready for the start of the next worldwide catastrophe and possibly WWIII.

Another important event, the implications of which have yet to unfold, was Elizabeth II’s proclamation in her Privy Council held at Windsor Castle on the 8th June, this year. Where it was ordered that fiat currency would be abolished by not later than January, 2023 to be replaced by coins of value, starting with a £1000 gold coin and others of lesser value in both Gold and silver. Such was not reported in the Main Stream Media, only in a few alternative media sources including this magazine. It is of note that the Queen died exactly 3 Calendar months after the proclamation!

It has been noted in this magazine that the satanic opening ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on the 27th July this year depicted the demise of England so 43 days later (4 + 3=7 – another 7) we have the death of the English Monarch.

The above picture is very poignant it could signify the last hurrah of the white Christian race in the state occasion of Elizabeth II’s funeral. While all eyes were glued to the late Queen’s funeral, the UK quietly published the horrific CV vaccine serious injuries and deaths data, amongst which 91% of those who died for various reasons had had 3 jabs.

It was very interesting that those lining the route of the cortege from Westminster to Windsor were nearly all white faces. Notwithstanding the merits or otherwise of the Queen in person, the monarchial system of government is deeply ingrained in the people of the nations of true Israel. The funeral was truly a British tradition being brought to the fore under which we true Britons and our kindred in other white nations could unite and rise above the alien cultures being forced upon us!

Q reflected on the orb atop the coffin

From Mike King of the Revised History Channel, we learned that the mysterious super-hero who goes by “Q” had crashed the Royal party — or so it seems.“Recall that we had closed our previous piece with the following observation which a reader had alerted us to, and we then duly verified:”The number of days between Q’s very first post on October 28, 2017 and the Queen’s death is 1776 — the year during which the American colonies declared their independence from the Britain of Queen Elizabeth’s great great great great grandfather, King George III. Coincidence?”

For those readers that haven’t Internet access and unaware of who “Q” is, he was a purported whistle blower from the Deep State appearing on videos as Qanon wearing a mask. Towards the end of his broadcasting most realised he was a shill.

The Mark of “Q”

Reminiscent of the masked hero of the TV / Movie character Show, “Zorro,” who would always carve out a “Z’ somewhere for his tyrannical enemies to see — an image — probably a doctored photo injected into the press — of Lizzie’s flag-draped coffin being carried out of the cathedral revealed the reflection of the letter “Q” on the Orb. By itself, perhaps coincidental — but combined with all the other weirdness, we take it as a sign that Q not only crashed the funeral — but “he” may have actually engineered the fall of the Windsors. Was this what Q meant when he posted those chess analogies: “Queen protects King” and “Queen before King”?

Funeral Magic?

Most notable, amongst the final acts of the funeral in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor, was the Lord Chamberlain breaking his wand of office and placing it on the coffin. From research carried out it seems this is a novel term for a staff of office, its been called a rod i.e. Black Rod and the Rod of Moses, never a wand, which is used by Magicians and in black magic!

According to the commentator of the filmed ceremony, the Lord Chamberlain was non other than Peter Parker former head of MI5, which makes one wonder was he Qanon?? Was this symbolically celebrating the demise of the Monarchy? Its also possible Yahweh is cleansing the House of David ready for the return of the King of Kings to His earthly Throne!

Queen Consort Camilla

What’s with all those weird wrinkles and bubbles around her mouth and chin?

Mike King also points out, there was something decidedly peculiar about the turnout of King Charles’ consort Camilla, she appears to be wearing an actor’s face mask. A close-up of her neck reveals an actor’s mask, shown in more detail below. Click on picture or here for a short video.

The alleged President of the United States — “Joe Biden” — was made to wait for his seat, and then placed 14 rows to the back, with the potentates of the Third World, in behind the president of Poland! This humiliation of “the leader of the free world” the head of state of a country with a “special relationship” with the UK.

London was no doubt unhappy with the way Biden handled the Ukraine situation and had to replace him with Boris Johnson, UK’s previous Prime Minister! With the changing of the changing of the UK/USA and other events leading to WWIII, and possibly Armageddon, especially with the recent destruction Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines by NATO on 26th September, it looks now almost a certainty!

With the passing of another great chapter in British history and with the mourning for our late Monarch nearing the end. Despite all the criticisms of the Monarchy, she performed her state duties to perfection, for which she was much loved. We pray for Yahweh’s protection during the dangerous times ahead, and to His coming to take David’s throne. Praise Yahweh!!

The Editors

New Ensign 158 October 2022
New Ensign 158 October 2022

October 2022 issue of The New Ensign Magazine. 40pp PDF

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