New Ensign 154 June 2022

Has Russia Already Won? Is it “Game Over” for the City of London Empire?

Reports are just coming in of the Ukraine being near to a state of total collapse with Zelensky having invited in Poland to assist militarily and also in the administration of the Ukraine. With the huge amount of armaments that have been supplied to the Ukraine and lost which, if continued at the same rate, will have serious consequences for the EU and USA defence capabilities.

While Russia is mainly concerned with securing its own borders within its former territory of the Ukraine, and for that reason no war has been declared.

Russia is also targeting the huge number of Bio weapon laboratories in the Ukraine, which are considered a grave threat and where also the C vaccines are produced.

Large areas of the Ukraine’s best black earth agricultural land, is owned by a large USA Corporation with another being owned by the Chinese. The elite are rattled because of the unexpected Russian advance which is preventing the removal of their ill-gotten gains out of the Ukraine, since the Russian capture of major ports on the Black Sea.

Poland is moving into Ukraine with the objective of recovering lost territory, Belarus, Hungary (which all formerly occupied parts of the Ukraine) and Romania are preparing for war. This could have a snowball effect with all European nations being drawn in unless diplomatic responsibility prevails! This seems unlikely at the moment!

The hidden hand needs this conflict as a cover and excuse for the reduction of food and fuel supplies, since the plandemic and lock-down did not go as well as had been expected, although nonetheless devastating, through death, serious illness including destruction of medium and small businesses. For this reason war and famine are being conjured up to reach their objectives.

However, they haven’t reckoned on Yahweh destroying the devils in our midst – Praise Yahweh!

The Editors

New Ensign 154 June 2022
New Ensign 154 June 2022

June 2022 issue of The New Ensign Magazine. 40pp PDF

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