New Ensign 127 March 2020

The Sham Brexit


This Sign in Paris Says it All
(French humour on Brexit}
The Sham Brexit

Now that the euphoria of the Brexit celebrations of 31, January this year has died down, many have come realise that in reality nothing of substance has changed, except for a few baubles of little significance, such a new passport in the style of the pre EU British blue passport and the British travelling in Europe being barred from airport European lounges, to reinforce the con trick on the British Public.

Further, to put two fingers up to the long suffering British public, the new UK passports will not be printed in England, but in Poland!

In the meantime opt in arrangements are being negotiated with the individual remaining countries in the EU regarding trade &c. Not to mention that the merging of the UK military with that of the EU, has not of yet been rescinded!
VAT (value added tax) was introduced into the UK as a consequence of joining the EU. There has been no mention of removing this oppressive EU tax. Nor has there been any move to rescind EU law that we are now burdened with, but rather they have been busy writing EU law into the UK statute book ever since the EU exit negotiations began! Nor do we see any plans to move back to the imperial system of measurement.

Despite the false Brexit, it has nevertheless thwarted New World Order progress, necessitating the promulgation of more lies to cover the sham Brexit which will wake yet more up to the fact, that the real enemy is the government. Praise Yahweh, Babylon is starting to crumble!!!

The Editor –

New Ensign 127 March 2020
New Ensign 127 March 2020

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