New Ensign 124 December 2019

Christmas 2019


WITH THE CHRISTMAS SEASON fast approaching, all will be looking forward to family gatherings, while we in identity know that Christmas is not a Christian festival, it does to a small degree remind our worldly fellow Israelites of their nations’ Christian heritage. Hence the enemy is trying to change Christmas to an even more heathen festival of Hanukkah!
Many celebrating Christmas, will be unaware of the evil symbolism used to supplant Christ as the focus of attention, for example the predominance of the colour red, which is Edom, the promoter of Communism and Capitalism. Then Santa is an anagram of Satan. He comes from the North Pole, on the circle of the Earth and where Zion is in the sides of the North, where Yahweh sits with the white race completely circling the northern hemisphere. Zion is not in the that sandbox in the Middle East!
When Santa says Ho, Ho, Ho, this is code for 666, the mark of the beast. The are 6 letters between the “H” and the “O”. The Ho is said three times and is therefore saying 666. The “Claus” part of Santa’s name is an anagram of Lucas – meaning light – the illuminated one Lucifer! Father Christmas (call no one father, but your heavenly Father) is said to be based on St. Nicholas, from whence we get Nick – Old Nick, another name for the Devil!
The enemy sees Christmas as the greatest money making period of the year, with everyone being encouraged to buy presents for all their family and friends, which was never the case in days gone by, when it was restricted to a few small presents to the children only.
We wish all our readers a very happy holiday period and that that they will be re-energised for the New Year of 2020 which in all likely hood will be another momentous year, particularly with the numerals 22 a double witness to Gog whose number is 11, perhaps the start of the fall of Babylon. Praise Yahweh!!

New Ensign 124 December 2019
New Ensign 124 December 2019

December 2019 issue of The New Ensign Magazine. 40pp PDF


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