New Ensign 110 Oct 2018

New Ensign 110
New Ensign 110

October 2018 issue of The New Ensign Magazine. 40pp PDF

Missionaries And Migration

Dear Reader –

It is probably true to say of those who were church goers in the 1950’s and later, were supporters of missionaries to third world countries and even many in the identity movement. However, praise Yahweh, he has been opening our eyes to this false doctrine of Universalism and that “God loves everybody” promulgated from the pulpits of our Judeao-churches. From which most of our present day troubles can be laid at the feet of the false Shepherds (Edomites) who have infiltrated the church down the centuries.

Whilst the reformation opened the previously closed Bible to the common people, there was however, a downside, it was hijacked by the Edomites who introduced two deadly poisons —

1) Usury (to enslave) and

2) Universalism (to genocide the white race through miscegenation).

This two pronged attack was started immediately when the money power’s agent, William of Orange took over the throne of England, who then set up the Bank of England, (Central Bank). At the same time under the guise of spreading the Gospel, slaves from Africa and Ireland were transported to the West Indies and inter-bred with the Negroes whose offspring would be then more useful in achieving the enemy’s ultimate goal of annihilating us!

This project can be seen in the UN’s Replacement Migration plan to open the borders and bring more than 200 million people into Europe until 2050. Which is already in motion with the help the EU and others.

The UN, is the front organization, which hides the hand of the Edomites and its agenda to destroy White countries throughout the world, through the racial and cultural destruction, thus removing their major obstacle towards the creation of a one world government tyranny over all.

We praise Yahweh, for He tells in the Scriptures, that the earth will swallow-up this invasion and that every man will flee to his own country!!!


10 thoughts on “New Ensign 110 Oct 2018”

  1. Regarding Pastor Eli James comment.the British Isreal do teach a small remenat of Juda returned. They also teach that they did not go back marrying into the Jewish culture. They remained true Israelites. Also Jesus was from the tribe of Juda as you well know. So where do you go on that sernario.

    1. Margery Downing, Jesus was NOT A Judaite. Joseph was of the tribe of Judah BUT he was not the father of Jesus. !! The only link that Jesus had with the tribe of Judah was on his mother’s side. The chromosomes in his body are 23 of His mother and the rest is divine. The blood in HIS veins, is DIVINE blood, not Judean!

    2. Thanks for your comment Margery, Ezra ordered those Henbrews who had micengenated, to put away their wives and childen, and therefore as you rightly say, they remained pure at least during the temple rebuilding period.

    3. I have not heard from Eli James in quite a few years but I have many of his writings in my library. I am now 86 and am always reading Eli’s articles as well as the two b00ks I have on his, The great Impersonation. The Bible also shows that 90% of Juda was taken by the Assyrians who took 46 walled cities with surrounding towns and villages, and only Jerusalem was left! 2 Kings 18:13. It was Jerusalem that Babylon came and took to Babylon! See also 2 kings 19:32-35. I have great respect for Eli and would like to know if he is still with us or if Yahweh has taken him.
      Yours in the Messiah Yahshua, Roger Pervere

  2. Dear Editor,

    I am an ardent reader and follower of your New Ensign Message and have copies of all your editions since inseption.
    However, I had somehow missed out on Editions 107 for July 2018 as well as 108 for August 2018 and am not able to acquire them from your website.

    Please would you be able to assist me in acquiring these two editions?

    I apologise for any inconvenience caused.


  3. Greetings
    I have asked before if. I could buy the Ensign in paper form as opposed to the computer.
    The gentleman above is correct all that is needed is a name for that special group and I believe they are referred to as Judea/Jerusalem. That pins them to a specific group of people.
    Thanks….YAH bless all true believers
    Dennis Jordan

  4. Greetings….
    I couldn’t find an email address so l found this box.
    I have several of your books William. My latest read is Malachi. What an astonishing piece of literature. This book should be mandatory reading for CI.
    Students. Any other forth coming books ?
    I wonder if you have a “satisfying ” response to Gen. 4:1. I struggle with that verse in seedline thought. Can you add enlightment to that perplexing verse ? Thanks for your time and effort.

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