Zionism and Russia Part 3

Zionism and Russia Part 3

Last time we finished with how fundamentalist Judaism, which is religious basis of Zionism, was born in Jewish Shtetls of Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania among the Khazar (or Ashkenazi) Jews, in 18th century. Then it rapidly spread to other places and now we have it prominently present even here in Eugene, as Chabad movement.

For six hundred years, Poland had served as a refuge for the Jews and given them land and freedom, while other European nations expelled Jews. In Poland, they even had their own Jewish Sejm (parlament) and their own courts of law. As I just said, Poland even allowed the Jews to fleece their subordinates freely. And what did the Jews pay to Poland in return for this? Well, it’s believed that the Zionists, in large part, organized the partitioning of Poland.

Why did they do that? Well, because they wanted to penetrate Russia and eventually to take revenge for the destruction of their Khazar kingdom. Remember that poisonous snake that appeared from horse’s skull and stung Prince Oleg?

As a result of the three partitionings, in 1772, 1776 and 1796, Poland was divided between Prussia and Russia and thus ceased to exist as a nation.