Zionism and Russia Part 2

Zionism and Russia Part 2

As we can see from this quote (see lecture one), Russia, of course, did not escape the attention of the Zionists. The Russian dimension of Zionism cannot be overestimated. It is perhaps impossible to describe all the activities of the Zionists in Russia. We shall only dwell on some of them.


Well, historical homeland of ancestors of most today’s Jews is actually in Russia.

The original Jews (those Hebrews of the Bible) were what we today would call Sephardics, Sephardic Jews out of the Middle East, who later went to Spain and Portugal when the Moors occupied the Iberian Peninsula. However, almost all Jews today are Ashkenazi which means that they are not descendants of the Sephardics (Hebrews), but originate from a band of ruthless tribe called the Khazars. The Sephardics, in search of army for their revolutions, chose theKhazars. The Khazars were converted to Judaism, and today they make up 95% of the world’s Jewish population.

The kingdom of the Khazars vanished from the map of the world many centuries ago. Today many people have never even heard of it, yet in its day the Khazar kingdom [Khazaria] was a very major power, indeed holding sway over a large empire of subjugated peoples. It had to be reckoned with by the two neighbouring superpowers of that day. To the south and west of Khazaria the Byzantine Empire was in full flower with its Eastern Orthodox Christian civilisation. To the south-east, the Khazar kingdom bordered on the expanding Moslem Empire of the Arab Caliphs. The Khazar’s influenced the histories of both of these empires but, far more importantly, the Khazar kingdom occupied what was later to become a southern portion of Russia between the Black and Caspian Seas. As a result, the historical destinies of the Russians and the Khazars became intertwined in ways which have persisted down to the present day.