The World Significance of The Russian Revolution

The World Significance of The Russian Revolution

As I transcribed the following booklet by George Pitt-Rivers, which was published in 1920 – during WWI and shortly following the Russian Revolution – I felt nausea, disgust and a grave sense of foreboding for the future of our children… all the little children of the world; for they will be the real victims in a world truly gone mad if those of us who are awake and aware do not take a firm, ceaseless stand for sanity, truth, love and compassion. It won’t take you long to read it – a mere 45 pages, large print in a 5×8 paperback.

This is the book which elicited the letter from Dr. Oscar Levy, admitting that his people have destroyed the countries in which they came to power; created the ‘chosen people myth’, along with a twisted version of Christianity; have brought the world to a shambles having been behind the Revolutions and Wars – both intra and international – throughout history.

I took the time to transcribe it in full because I believe more of you will read it if it’s laid out before you rather than expecting you’ll order it from a seller of suppressed books… if it’s still available. A couple of years ago an intelligent and wise woman who’s become a dear friend, visited for the first time lugging two boxes of books she “thought I might be able to use”. This was among the many which she had had the foresight to buy when they were still available; I am blessed to have become the benefactor of her love and generosity. She is a treasure; her friendship is priceless… as all true friendships are. Thank you, Effie.

All emphasis is the author’s, except one that I emphasized in color because it is a phrase we hear today to justify every evil, murdering, warring ACT OF TERROR committed today by puppet leaders at all levels and in all countries… political, military, religious and educational. Mindless puppets who have traded their souls for “a path that leads always to darkness deeper than before”.

It will surely be your loss if you chose not to avail yourself of this information.
— Jackie — November 5th, 2001.