Words of a Prophet

Words of a Prophet

IT HAS BEEN A PRIVILEGE to translate this very important book, a book with a clear message from a prophet of the Almighty God to his people. As the reader will learn, Nicolaas (Seer) was a simple, humble man who had no formal education, being able only to read his Bible, with great difficulty.

All Biblical quotations used in the text have been taken from the King James Version, except where specifically marked ‘Good News Bible’ The old Afrikaner Seer was known in South Africa during the previous century… As a Prophet from God.

Nicolaas (Seer) van Rensburg was a modern Nostradamus if ever there was one. He became a legend during his lifetime and was one of the most remarkable characters that ever lived in South Africa and his prophecies were well known during 1899 until his death in 1926. During the Second World War the then Prime Minister of South Africa General Jan Smuts prohibited the distribution of the Seers prophecies,

Nicolaas Seer van Rensburg not only foretold the future of South Africa, but also that of Europe, America and England. Before his death in 1926 he predicted that ethnic violence will explode worldwide after the turn of this century and start World War Three. It is a chilling experience to read in this book about his predictions of this coming war when armies of the world will use terrible ray’s that will sow death and destruction and soak the earth in blood. He describes events on the battlefield of the world in such detail as though he himself had been an eyewitness.

Here are some of the prophecies he made from 1899 until his death in 1926:–

The release of Nelson Mandela by ex President De Klerk

A black government will govern South Africa.

The atomic disaster on April 26 1986 at Chernobyl.

The divorce and death of a beautiful English Lady, in an accident that would be mourned by the whole world.

Not long after her death, the Lady on the Throne will also disappear.

Asia devastated by Tsunami.

Terrorist attack on England (London first).

England will suffer terribly, when World War Three is at hand

Japan will be destroyed by earthquakes — no one will survive.

The astonishing prophecies, in this book, are of great importance, not only to South Africans, but also for the people of the Western World.

Adam Vosloo