Word for Word 8 1 Samuel

Word for Word 8 1 Samuel

Sepher Shemu’el 1
(First Book of Samuel)

THE BOOK OF SHEMU’EL (8050 Samuel) was one book until 1517, when the “Hebrew Bible” was published. This change into two separate books was influenced by the “church” of Rome, and is another wrongful modification of Scripture. I was going to recombine them, but decided that it would cause unnecessary confusion for those trying to reference this text from other versions of the Bible that are now in print.

Shemu’el held the “office” of Prophet. He was the last of the Shophetiym (Judges) in Yisrael. He bridges the gap between “judges” and “kings” in Yisrael. This book shows Yisrael foolishly desiring a “king”, to be like the other nations around them who did not worship Yahweh. Bad decision on their part. Shemu’el means “asked of El”, from sha’al 7592, to ask as a favor, or to lend or borrow, plus 410, El, as a title “God”, referring to Yahweh. See verses 1:20, 27, and 28 for reference to the reason for this name for the boy Shemu’el.