Word for Word 6 Joshua

Word for Word 6 Joshua

Sepher Yahshua
[ Book of Joshua ]

The Book of Yahshua is a continuation of the journey of the people of Yisrael into the “Promised Land” across the Yarden River. They would be required to fight several bloody battles for this territory, and were commanded by Yahweh to completely destroy the “cursed seed” people, so they would not be a “thorn in the side” in the future. Yisrael did not accomplish this, and these people are a “thorn” today. Yahshua’s very name means Yah is salvation, and is the identical Hebrew name of the Messiah, Yahshua. It has been tampered with in spelling over the years, and I have restored it to the original form, without regard to the erroneous Masoretic vowel point version.

The Talmudists have done all they could to hide the Name of Yahweh, and as Yah(weh) is part of the name of Yah(shua), they have altered it as well. As in my other works, a word or number(Strong’s) in italics is inserted for ease of reading, or for information purposes, but is NOT IN the Hebrew text. Names of places and people in the margin are spelled as in the KJV for reference purposes. In the text itself they will be in transliterated form of the Hebrew.