Word for Word 1 Genesis

Word for Word 1 Genesis

Translation by Stephen Howard Anderson

SHALOM ALEYCHEM MY FELLOW PURE-BLOODED YISRAELITES! I have been working for many years to produce a copy of the Old Testament with the malicious tampering of the Masoretes and so-called “churches” removed, the Holy Name of Yahweh fully restored, along with the word order corrected where it misrepresents the context of the verse. I have put all margin notes, and the chapter notes following each chapter. Many Strong’s numbers are included, but not for every word. Spelling of proper names of people and places are as they appear in the Hebrew.

Please Note – Masoretic vowel pointing has many errors, and some are intentional to deceive the readers because of the Babylonian traditions they followed. Spelling is not consistent, and changes from scribe to scribe. At best, they are only a suggestion for pronunciation. The several sects of jewry have different ways of pronouncing many words, and vary also in their particular “traditions” that they follow. Original paleo-hebrew had no vowels, and there have been two types of vowel indication in more modern times. Many words have unclear meanings, and “opinions” of what they mean were inserted by the former “mistranlators”. Where the meanings are unclear, I have put the word in transliterated Hebrew, and note the problem in the notes for the chapter which follow. I have not inserted any opinions in this translation. The Masoretes changed the spelling of many peoples names that had “yah” in them. This was another attempt to hide The Name. The English mistranslators followed this pattern. I have restored all the names to their proper form, such as Yahudah (Yahweh is praised), instead of Y’hudah. You will note the spelling changes when you compare to other texts. They will pay dearly for their evil works on the day of Judgement.

To get this straight from the beginning, the Torah was given to YISRAEL, and not to the jews. In B’reshiyth (Genesis), the RACE of adam was created. This race has distinct characteristics which continue to this day. Strong’s H119 shows this, as it precedes H120. These folks had a rosy complexion, and would blush under their fair skin. Only one racial group qualifies under this description. They entered Europe through the Caucasus Mountains from their former captivity. They were, and are called Caucasians. This is the “white” race of today, and none other, including any of mixed bloodline. Sorry, but pureblood means pure, not mixed. A specific adam is then mentioned, with a capital A, and the Hebrew article ha preceding Adam, thus the Adam as a proper name. It then proceeds down the descendants until it comes to Yaaqob, who was renamed Yisrael by Yahweh. This sub-group of adamics became the “chosen people’ of Yahweh, all of pure seedline, and this entire book is about them.