Wednesday Night Bible Study 9th August 1967

Wednesday Night Bible Study 9th August 1967

QUESTION: The children of Nut and Thapanies have broken the crown of your head?

ANSWER: These are the pagans and they are attacking Israel and Egypt. The children of Israel who were backsliding are chastised and god allowed this because the children of Israel were not worshiping Him.

QUESTION: What are the Sacraments?

ANSWER: What God required Israel to do in the areas of religion were largely ordinances such as building the Tabernacle, the substitute sacrifice. In the New Testament Sacraments are different than the ordinances in that in the Sacraments spiritual power from Celestial dimensions comes over the sacrament in a functional Sacrament. So the Sacraments are divinely ordained by the unction of heaven.

This is the reason why for instance, the communion is the highest Sacrament that we have. The Communion is not just bread and water, just as it starts out. He said: ’Take and eat, this is My body, this is My blood, this is the New Covenant.’ This is My body broken for you. God by the power of His own spirit made the bread and wafers as though it is His body, just as He has with the wine, made it His blood.