Wednesday Night Bible Study – 8th January

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 8th January

QUESTION: What about Love your enemies, it says this so many times, and you hear it always?

ANSWER: This is just a controversial question actually, because the Sermon on the mount, and the teaching of Christ gave as a social order was given freely unto those who constituted a Christian society.  This order that Jesus discussed in his sermon on the mount, as instructions to his disciples are declarations unto the culture he was counselling  which was a new order of Christian civilization.

The instructions related to how people conducted themselves inside the kingdom.  They had no relationship to the dealing of the Kingdom with those on the outside.  There were special instructions concerning this matter.

Jesus tells how he would deal with them himself.  So where the scripture says they were to love their enemies or turn their other cheek this was not talking about the enemies of God’s Kingdom.  This has not relationship, for instance between the Soviet Union and the United States.  But inside the true Church, inside the Kingdom, inside the Adamic race they were to treat one another this way.  In other word something to appeal to within this race.  There is a sense of responsibility, of shame, or pride based on the ability to define the law.

But there is no spiritual emotion to appeal to when you get outside the household, outside the race when you deal with the enemies of God.  YOU cannot appeal to their emotions and ethics and morality of an idol worshiper for instance, or to the hoards of communist who would just as soon liquidate Christian nations as not.  Never turn your cheek to them or you will lose your whole head.