Wednesday Night Bible Study – 8th April

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 8th April

QUESTION: I was listening to a tape of about two weeks ago where you were discussing the spiritual forces, other than Christianity. I would like a little of an understanding on this, on an over all view.

ANSWER: Negative forces?

QUESTION: Well, both negative and positive and their relationship?

ANSWER: Well, the word spiritual of course is sometimes ambiguous. We use the word spiritual to allot anything which is not a physical or temporal domain. Other words: remember that a fallen Angel like Lucifer was a spiritual being. He can be embodied, but also he can move in Celestial planes. Although at the present time he is earth bound, and cannot ascend into the higher heavens, still there was a time when he could do that.

The Book of Job tells us that when various Angles came to report unto God then Satan came among them. God has a vast number of reporting Angels coming from all over the Universe to report, and there was Lucifer standing among them. This was after the time of his rebellion, and thus this particular council may have been held within the Solar system and not in the Pleaides. But wherever this was located, still from all over the Universe had come visiting Angelic and spiritual beings, and Lucifer was among them. And YAHWEH looked over there and decided he would taunt the devil at bit and HE said: ‘Hast thou considered my servant Job?’