Wednesday Night Bible Study 6th November 1968

Wednesday Night Bible Study 6th November 1968

ANSWER: The questions coming in from the tapes are too many to answer

QUESTION: I have often wondered what is going to happen when Christ comes. Will we get up and go to work?

ANSWER: I would imagine you will. But I think you might be able to take a day off. Ha’. I think everything will come to a mighty standstill. There will be a lot of beating up on the enemy who came to destroy. They plan on destroying Christ, His nations and His Kingdom. He said that in the twinkling of an eye, which means you put on immortality, that is one factor. And if you missed a meal, that is not important. I think you will see much the same in atmosphere but not in strategy. But all men are going to sit under their own vine and under their own fig tree.

QUESTION: What I meant was that men are still going to work. There will be businesses, industry, but under a different strategy?

ANSWER: I think the profit system will continue but it will be within bounds. There will be one thing that will help. When the Kingdom comes in, there will be no Jews in business. They will be gathered out of the way. And be trying to get along with each other out in the constellation of Ara. Some will have a lot of it and some will have a little and some will be trying to get it all. Ha’