Wednesday Night Bible Study – 6th January 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 6th January 1965

Question: Is a Jew a Mongrel?

Answer: Well yes, but you could have a mongrel without it being a Jew. You could have a mongrel come out of any, say, a South Sea Islander and a Chinese who would not necessarily have been out of Cain or Lucifer’s line. A Jew has to come down from the Luciferian fallen Angel line sowed into the various races. You sow different Jews together and you just get Jewish mongrels, all colours of Jews. In other words if you have a Chinese Jew and a Negro Jew you only come up with another mixture of Jews. But if any of a Jewish line mixed in with any other then you just have a Jew, there is no such thing as a part Jew.

Question: Doesn’t God put any of His Holy Seed into a mongrel?

Answer: No!

Question: Well, do you think the Devil would pass up that seed?

Answer: Now wait a moment, the Issue of the Adamic seed is the only Holy seed in the earth. Therefore if this seed intermingles with another race there is no spiritual seed in the posterity because there is nothing there to have affinity with. The Chinese for instance, they would be existent as creative people and they have their own seed after they were created, for ‘seed having life in itself’ is the rule. Therefore they are not the offspring of God, but creations of God, and were good before their fall. So He does not supply seed for the increasing posterity under the subordination of Lucifer, while worshiping the Darkness. All they do then is have a cycle of return. Every Asiatic then who is born in a re‑incarnated spirit until the restoration of all things. But there is no new seed for expansion. This is why the kingdom of darkness does not get beyond the point which it was in for the hour of its fall, although existent by the millions.