Wednesday Night Bible Study 5 October 1966

Wednesday Night Bible Study 5 October 1966

Question: Genesis claims God created Adam and not Eve for a while until Adam had a chance to look around and couldn’t find a mate, why did he do this?

Answer: So as to get it into the record.

Question: Well did God himself have to look around and find out that there was no mate for Adam?

Answer: Of course not.

Question: What are the origins of mankind distinguished from the Adamic race.

Answer: This of course is a rather heavily covered question, but when the Adamic man was begotten of God, remember we have in the Hebrew so many words which may come out somewhat the same, or are used for many words which are not interchangeable. The word Bara and Yastar are both words used for creation. But Bara in Hebrew means to begat, to bring out of the womb, or to form an issue thus a procreation of creation by birth. Yastar means to mould or make, like make something out of putty or create something. So to begin with these words existed.