Wednesday Night Bible Study – 4th March

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 4th March

QUESTION: Would you go into detail about the world projection, about using animals in producing vaccines?

ANSWER: This would not be in our field, this area is one in which you would find much controversy, and my personal opinion might be considered rather antiquated. I am a fair student in the areas of bio‑chemistry and biology, and I don’t believe in putting the crux of any dead animal into the human body especially if in any areas of this animals background he has disease communicable to the human being.

Now: fortunately for us diseases of horses are not communicable unto us except in areas of hoof and mouth disease. There is areas of this which can be communicated to the human being. But horses which have been well tested, and have no trace of this, and no pattern in it have no known diseases communicable to the human body.

Thus it was when they came out years ago with the yellow fever and small pox vaccine and so forth, they found that horses were a relative safe area to go into. Your Salk vaccine as you know today is made from monkeys and from material taken from the kidneys of the monkey, and they cut it up in very fine pieces in finishing this culture.

Now: the monkey is first given a live virus of polio, and then from this kidney area is made the serum used in vaccine, and then this multiplied into a great culture from whence the vaccine is taken.