Wednesday Night Bible Study 31st December 1968

Wednesday Night Bible Study 31st December 1968

QUESTION: Are all prophecies double purpose. And will America be destroyed?

ANSWER: (Deut. 28:69) No. Some prophecies are double but they are marked like, “As it was then so shall it be in the time of the end.” Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel talk about then and as the time of the end.

But Deuteronomy 28:69; Don’t hold your breath until America is destroyed. This land will not be destroyed but the enemy will be destroyed out of it. Deut; 28; the nations to be brought against thee, these were things brought against Israel if she disobeyed, and this has already happened . The Assyrians were to come against them, and this happened. And Sanacharib did take the ten tribes into captivity, but that was not for this time, this hour today.

However since 1911 we have been under the conflict with Lucifer and Communism. Frankfriter was a Communist when he was a teacher at Harvard law school and when appointed to the Supreme Court. F. D. R. was an egotistical man, a son of a very wealthy family. He put Jews in many high places. He was a son morally not very good. His family shipped him out of the country, to Australia, and he met Rachel Perkins there and got her in trouble, and the boy born was Harry Bridges.