Wednesday Night Bible Study 25th September 1968

Wednesday Night Bible Study 25th September 1968

QUESTION: Where did Seth get his wife? If his sister, how is it that there were no mental problems involved?

ANSWER: The reason is because that today the sin question has been so descended on the race, that the patterns do produce mental deficiencies. But at that time such a pattern had not been so built up. It was necessary for Seth to marry his sister for there was none other for him to marry to increase the race. There were other children of Adam and Eve at this time, but there was contamination in them. So Seth had to marry his sister younger than himself.

QUESTION: This is in Daniel 7:7

ANSWER: This is back in the days of Medo-Persia and conquered Babylon. Then Greece came and conquered Medo-Persia and spread its wings out. These were the toes on a beast, a world political system. Now, verse 9; this comes over into the days of the ‘Ancient of Days’. These are something else, the fiery streams were chariots of God moving out all over the Universe. ‘I beheld the beast slain (vs. 11-12) yet their lives were prolonged. The little horn of Daniel. Here is Greece comes out, and moves then, after Greece, into the Roman Empire. Actually this seventh chapter is fulfilled, except that in this area of these powers there is a kingdom set up which lasts forever. Alexander the Great went eastward a long way into India. The little horn in the latter part was to be Genghis Khan after Rome. Then the eighth is to come out of the seventh. This is communism. Little horns are all powers. Many forces. But in all these the Kingdom of God is successful.