Wednesday Night Bible Study 2 March 1966

Wednesday Night Bible Study 2 March 1966

QUESTION: People say that Paul was a Jew. Now I know that he was not a Jew, but how do I prove it?

ANSWER: We could spend all night on that. The King James Version of the Bible does not separate in translation, the difference between a Benjaminite and other people not of Israel, who lived in that area. Now, Paul said that he was an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin but of the sect of the Jews. In other words, he grew up under the theological teachings of the Jews who were in control of the places of worship, and what they called Judaism or the religion of that time, and had perverted and twisted this priesthood. It had been twisted by Canaanites, Amalakites, Hittites, and other ‘ites’. And thus Jesus said that this priesthood was of the children of the devil and the work of their father, the devil, they would do. And that they had been brought in to destroy. And Jesus accused them of being guilty of all the righteous blood slain from Abel to Zachariah.

Now, remember that there was total hostility between Christ and Jewry. But not between Christ and the people who were from Judah and Benjamin who lived in Palestine. These of Judah and Benjamin were under control of an evil administration that had taken over the priesthood there in Judea.

In other words, the people of the tribe of Judah and Benjamin who lived in Palestine were entrapped in a theological area of error. Because these false priests had taken over their religion. Even though these people may never have left the main facet of their faith and still believed in the true God, who was YAHWEH, and still looked for the manifestation of the Messiah, who was to be YAHWEH in the flesh as YAHSHUA, Jesus.