Wednesday Night Bible Study – 16th September

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 16th September

QUESTION: The Books of the Bible.

ANSWER: There were 163 books which should be classified as inspired books. Some of them were scrolls and might not be but two or three chapters as we would term them today. But remember that none of these scrolls that make up the books of the Bible were originally divided in chapters and verses. This was done back in the early period of printing. Many books and many volumes and anything pertaining to religion or theology were done in chapters and verses, so as to locate it again, it brings out any point they wished to discuss.

So it became sort of a religious legal form, as they started putting everything in chapters and verses. We do have the book of Jude, a short book which is just one chapter. But there were 163 books or volumes and scrolls which could have made many chapters and books. All were inspired and all of them could have been used, by the early Patriarchs down to the writing of the New Testament. The sum total were more than that but 163 were known to be inspired. The council of Nicaea sometimes called Nicolea today by the contemporary commentators talking about the crisis in Cyprus, and so forth, but they were not Nicolaitanes, and they are not pronouncing this according to the old associations.

But they had well over 300 volumes to choose from and they whittled them down to only 66 books and only 64 of them belonged in the original of 163. Out of that 300 or more volumes of scrolls there were actually 163 good ones, and you will ask how do I find them? This is a little hard to do but you can find them.