Wednesday Night Bible Study 14th February 1968

Wednesday Night Bible Study 14th February 1968

QUESTION: (tape)When Saul went to the Witch of Endor, wasn’t it Samuel she raised up? Wasn’t she a spiritualist?

ANSWER: Well, when Saul went to this Witch of Endor he had been told that he was not to go to the witches or sorceress, etc. Remember at that time that Saul was being replaced with David. Saul had done quite a lot of things which were wrong. And he had already passed under the chastisement of God. But he came to Samuel the prophet who had acted as a guide to Saul. Then Samuel passes away and was in the plain of spirit. and now in his stubbornness and defeat, Saul was meeting problems. So he called on Samuel, but doesn’t get any answers.

So he goes to the Witch of Endor. But she wasn’t spiritual. She always brought up familiar spirits. These familiar spirits are not the children of God. The spirits of the children of God are never called back by a medium of evil spirits. The Witch of Endor was a witch. She served Lucifer. So when she went into her trance, as many mediums do, than a familiar spirit, a type of Luciferian, was to come forth.

But of course, they are duplicates. A familiar can take on the appearance of anyone who ever lived on earth. So familiar spirits are summoned up by Mediums and people will say: ‘Oh, that’s my brother, or that’s my cousin.’ And this is where spiritualism gains its influence. These familiar spirits appear and generally they know enough about the individual that they can answer questions, and they always lead astray.