Wednesday Night Bible Study – 14th April 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 14th April 1965

QUESTION: This story about Three bulls coming out of the ark, in the Book of Enoch, a Red one, a White one.

ANSWER: Enoch never wrote about anything like three bulls coming out of the Ark. This is only inserted into the Oxford Edition, I never found out how it got in there, and it was an old copy, so this was, BULL, coming out of the Ark. It was quite obvious that they were trying to say that Chinese, White, and Negroes were all coming out of the Ark, but this is totally a fallacy because only Noah was spared because he was perfect in his generations. His sons and their wives were thus on the Ark with him, and he was still perfect in his generations, thus all these were white men and women of this you can be sure.

QUESTION: A destruction of the unrighteous in the Book of Enoch, how do you justify this with the scripture saying, “All Israel shall be saved, and all flesh is to be saved.”

ANSWER: That is alright, but in the midst of the judgments in the battle of the ending of the age, all the forces of evil fighting against the Kingdom are going to die, they are going to be defeated, broken, smashed. This is the destruction not the destruction which relates to their entity, or their being, as it relates to the endless future. It doesn’t make any difference who or what is destroyed, the scripture also talks about a general Resurrection, and this general Resurrection takes care of all the opposition, the evil, all the wicked who have died. But this Resurrection is before a judgment of chastisement, but ultimately there is nothing lost beyond the ability of God in the fullness of time, to redeem.