Wednesday Night Bible Study – 12th February

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 12th February

QUESTION: In the Old Testament in some places it says: strangers should be treated because you were once a stranger in Egypt. Other places wipe them out, are these harmonious?

ANSWER: Yes, most harmonious. Anyone who comes from the outside, travelling Through an Israel nation, other races of other backgrounds are strangers, and they are not to be abused or defrauded. but when it talks about the strangers of the Canaanite houses, the Amalakites, the Amorites, these were enemies of our race.

You are silly if you let them into your land as far as that is concerned but when you entered into old Canaan land you were to destroy everything which was there. If our race had obeyed this fully we wouldn’t have this problem today with those who were allowed to survive, rather their generations. There is one handicap for women usually have an attraction for men, and most of them are attractive to a degree.

So Canaanite women were allowed to survive, just out of the kindness of their hearts, but this was an error. So to understand the laws of survival in the Old Testament, one has to be fully aware of the background behind them. Remember that the Hittites were an old Asiatic line coming out of the Torog’s. Actually they were pre-eminently similatable offspring of Angelic called Nephilim i n the Old Testament. So you had a type of thin faced hawk faced Jew.