Wednesday Night Bible Study – 10th June

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 10th June

QUESTION: Is there a time limit on Jacobs Trouble?

ANSWER: Well, there is of course in the measure of heaven, without a doubt, because they know the end from the beginning, and they know the hour when it will be all over, when we will have won a total and complete victory. But to give you a time limit at this moment will be a hard thing to do. I think the intensity of this situation is going to step up with great speed. I don’t think the temple will permit it. I think that you might figure that if things get under way with the speed of the proper intensity of the measure, as it looks here in 1964., then you would be coming out of it in say 1967‑68, but this would be in line with proper measure. But that is a long time, 3½ years for some situations, it depends on where you are, and if you are standing somewhere and they are shooting at you, then that would be a long time. There are lots of things which are yet to happen, that are in the measure.

QUESTION: Where in the Scripture does it talk about a daughter of Jerusalem being on the throne, a daughter of David in these latter days?

ANSWER: There are several references to a daughter of Israel‑David, but here is one I will show you. Micah 4; ‘In the last days it shall come to pass that the Kingdom of YAHWEH shall be established in the top of the nations, and it shall be exalted above smaller nations; and people shall flow to it. And many nations shall come and go into the Kingdom of YAHWEH‑ YAHSHUA, to the house of the God of Jacob.’