Wednesday Night Bible Study – 10th March 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 10th March 1965

(As you read this transcript of this old tape I want you to notice just how close the enemy was to their objective back in 1965, but for the Grace of God, America would not be where she is today.)

QUESTION: What are the latest developments in this continuing war against the enemy?

ANSWER: Well, we have had investigators everywhere, and as for Captain Gates who happens to be the chief intelligence officer of a nation wide secret police, who probably has this meeting bugged, he is higher than the Police Department, and answers only to the President’s group. But the program is that America is on the edge of a total dictatorship unless we on the RIGHT win. It will be just like the OGPU everywhere else, there will be no where to go as they plan to pull the rug everywhere at the same time. There isn’t any doubt that the design was to get us (this is speaking of the night that the Swift group were stopped, and with guns made to lay on the ground face down with the guns in their backs.) Afterwards they said that they were after some deadly armed Communists. And they had their orders at the least resistance to kill.

So the Gates department set up the wrong information in their briefing because no other organization would list you as a desperate armed criminal. This is just a part of the plan, but you have no police protection. So Patriots be warned, the Alabama affair (Selma March), this Negro uprising is just what was planned, they are just stepping it up as an excuse to go after all Patriots, or people who oppose integration.