Wednesday Night Bible Study 1st June 1966

Wednesday Night Bible Study 1st June 1966

QUESTION: In the time of Enoch’s prophecy he had prophesied that there would be a star, a sign which would pass to the head of Virgo and then during the pregnancy of Mary, then Saturn and Jupiter would come into conjunction three times. Did this star have a name that came to the head of Virgo?

ANSWER: We have no name for it, and it may have been a comet but we do know that from the time it left the head of Achillea until it reached the head of Virgo that it was three years. The Savants had this time to watch this star, and to gather to the spot in Egypt. We have no name for the star, but we do know that it took three years for the crossing from Achillea to Virgo.

QUESTION: Well then how long before the birth of Christ did the Star appear?

ANSWER: Well three years and 9 months after it came through the head of Achillea, of course it may have been many, many miles from Achillea but this is the appearance that it gave as it formed its ecliptic.

QUESTION: When Enoch was taken into the heavens, how long was he away from the earth?