Wednesday Night Bible Study – 9th June 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 9th June 1965

QUESTION: Isn’t it true that some words of the Apostles were changed from their original Gospels?

ANSWER: Yes, that is true, and it is a matter of interest that many Christians don’t know this. They don’t realize that the Jews tampered with even the New Testament texts. Now the early church Gospels and Epistles were written in Aramaic and some in Greek. John wrote in Aramaic but Luke, who was a doctor, wrote in Classical Greek. Luke could have written in Aramaic and he did write some in Latin, thus showing that he had a full knowledge of Latin as well, then Matthew and Mark wrote their Gospels in Aramaic.

Now, all of these Gospels went to the early churches, and Mark was Pastor of the Church in Alexandria, Egypt. This was one of the oldest Christian Churches of Great Strength, and one of the greatest cities of the Roman Empire. This city of Alexandria, Egypt had been a great city ever since the conquering of Egypt by the Greeks, and had remained a great city in the Roman Empire.

Now, of course the Greeks were Scythians and great areas of Greek culture remained in Alexandria even after it became part of the Roman Empire. Also one of the greatest libraries of all times, in history, was established at Alexandria, Egypt, by Alexander the Great. And there were curators from all over the world who came to sell their scrolls and rolls, because this library continued to buy rare rolls and scrolls and catalogue them, even up in the days of Caesar. And even at the time of the Christ this was still a great library and depository for great volumes and here curators, both Greek and Roman paid great prices to add to this library.