Winston Churchill – Further Notes

Winston Churchill – Further Notes

WHEN HIS FARTHER TOOK CHURCHILL TO HARROW PUBLIC SCHOOL, the headmaster asked him to write an essay. He failed to do so and handed in a blank sheet of paper. All was well however, the headmaster could see his potential. He had to – the governors would have been very angry with him turning down the grandson of the Duke of Marlborough!
The inability to write essays continued. Bert Piper was a a cook on the Isle of Man steam Packet Co., When I was there. His brother was Liverpool City Recorder and their father had been in the same class at Harrow as Winston Church and wrote his essays. Twice when reading biographies of Winston Churchill I came across a man, different name each time, described as a “Literary Secretary”, which I read as ghost writer.
Winston Churchill had a large research team for the production of his 5 volume history of the second world war. Were these and his “Literary Secretary”, the actual writers of this history? Winston Churchill merely acting as editor, cutting out anything unfavourable to himself. He did say history would be kind to him, for he would write it!

Opposite Leeds University is a second hand bookshop. The proprietor obtained a set of the history with one volume missing, he thought it would be a good sale, so he searched around in the book trade and replaced the missing volume. They were still on his bookshelves. That’s what scholars think of Winston Churchill’s History. Winston Churchill received the Nobel Prize for Literature!!!