Windswept House – Ella Rose Mast – Swift Library Review

Windswept House – Ella Rose Mast – Swift Library Review

OUR AUTHOR IS A WELL-KNOWN AUTHOR and he sees sinister workings in the Catholic Church over many years to put His church in its proper place for this One World Government being planned.

This book ‘WINDSWEPT HOUSE’ was published in 1996. It depicts political and religious intrigue by a small group of highly placed Church officials to steer the Roman Catholic Church into this New World Order.

This author tells of the efforts of disloyal Cardinals who work feverishly to subvert the Pope and the church, and have had no reluctance to use murder, blackmail, and yes, even Satanism, to bring down this church. In fact, they went through the Luciferian ritual of installing their Prince, Lucifer, some years ago, to be the Pope in their program.

Why the Catholic Church? It is a separate operation with ambassadors coming from several countries. Whereas the Protestant Christian Church is a far flung operation. But it is already mostly in their hands. The Evangelists have been working for this program although the ordinary people seem not to understand what is happening.