Why The Constant War in Ireland?

Why The Constant War in Ireland?

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY THE CONSTANT WAR IN IRELAND? It is a war between the Roman Catholic Church under the control of the Jews and Protestants. The Protestants have never realized that it is the Jews who control the church, and that is who they are really fighting.

The stupid Catholics never realize or understand that it is the Jews who are sending them to their deaths, to dispose of an ancient enemy, an Israel nation who opposes their evil ways.

The Catholic’s word, like a Jews word, is no good and the only reason they ask for peace is so they can get their subversives into action without resistance. They do this as the Jews have done for centuries. As you read this you can see the treason and subversion of the Jews through the stupid catholic members.

Ancient Order of Hibernians (A.O.H.): The Ancient Order of Hibernians, a Roman Catholic, organization, was founded in 1641.

In The Secret Societies of Ireland Captain Pollard writes that, founded in 1641, “The notorious modern society known as The Ancient Order of Hibernians is the direct successor of the original society of Defenders; in common with its ancestor it attempts to enable the clerics to exercise control in politics. (Pollard, op. cit., p. 3) It claims in its own official history, published in 1910, to be the oldest secret society in Ireland. Independent researches show that the claim is sound and that the present [1920’s] A.O.H. is the descendant of certain criminal organizations of the past. The open admission of this chain of descent by its own historian is important.