Who Really Sunk The Lusitania?

Who Really Sunk The Lusitania?

THE SISTER SHIP TO THE TITANIC, THE GREAT LUXURY LINER THE LUSITANIA, the worlds largest ship at the time, was leaving New York on May 1st 1915 on its journey to Liverpool, when it was sunk by German submarine U-20, piloted by Kapitan Walter Schwieger. Or was it?

Voltaire said: “history is a lie commonly agreed on”
May 1st is a special date in Illuminati archives as the day of Baal/Beltane, the devils day, also chosen to celebrate Russia’s revolution, by its founders, the same US banking cartels that fund America and British war efforts.

I first heard this story version many years ago from a senior freemason in London at the Hackney retired Seamen’s Mission; this man‘s father was present at Churchill’s initiation at age 26. Much other relevant info was given, in exchange for a large bottle of Scots whisky.