Where Did the Twelve Apostles Go?

Where Did the Twelve Apostles Go?

When Paul preached the gospel at Rome, where was Peter? Why is the book of Acts strangely silent about the twelve apostles after their departure from Palestine? Here, revealed at last, is one of history’s best-kept secrets! WHY HAS the truth about the journeys of the twelve apostles been kept from public knowledge? You read plainly of Paul’s travels through Cyprus, Asia Minor, Greece, Italy. But the movements of the original twelve apostles are cloaked in mystery. Why?
Now It Can Be Told!
Did it ever seem strange to you that most of the New Testament, following the book of Acts, was written by Paul, and not by Peter? Did you ever wonder why, after Peter initiated the preaching of the gospel to the Gentiles at the house of Cornelius (Acts 10 and 11), he and others of the twelve apostles suddenly vanish from view? And why only Peter and John reappear, for a fleeting moment, in Jerusalem at the inspired conference recorded in Acts 15?
You read, after Acts 15, only of Paul’s ministry to the GENTILES. Why? What happened to the twelve apostles?