What Was The Real Sin in The Garden of Eden?

What Was The Real Sin in The Garden of Eden?

DID ADAM AND EVE EAT THE WRONG APPLE, and cause death and suffering to be entered into the world for every subsequent soul on this earth, from that time in the Garden of Eden forward until the end of times?

Absurd as this may sound, it is what most Christians are taught from their respective Church systems (Denominations and Faiths). Let’s first look at it from their skewed perspective, then we will learn the truth from our Father’s Word; The Bible.

They (our religious leaders in the Churches, Temples, and Synagogues of today) would have us to believe that Almighty God would be so petty as to punish some twelve billion souls, because two of them were insubordinate in their selection of produce. Yet they don’t teach us why this would so infuriate such a kind, loving, and forgiving God; and kindle His wrath to such a magnitude that He would allow death to enter in for all of mankind.

They can’t answer why God would do that, because there is no answer for what did not happen, their facts are wrong from page one. And if you start out on any quest of any knowledge, whether the knowledge be of everyday issues or the knowledge be of the Divine and perfect plan of Almighty God; you must start out at a sound genesis (beginning) or you can never hope to end at a sound terminus (conclusion).