What is Zog?

What is Zog?

ZOG is rarely mentioned in public – and small wonder.

The notion that a semi-secret or­ganization can be powerful enough to seize control of America is nothing but an outrageous flight of fancy. Since all re­spected experts agree that ZOG is a phan­tom threat, only minimal space need be wasted on a definition:

Zionist: Someone who will sacrifice any person, anything, or any nation for the greater good of Israel.

Occupational: Possession by force, rather than by voluntary agreement.

Government: Control of a population.

In different words, ZOG refers to a mythical situation in which people with supreme allegiance to Israel rather than America have seized power here, and now rule us.

ZOG: Myth or Reality?

Despite repeated attacks upon it, ZOG somehow keeps rising from the ashes and rubble – much like the harmless old myth of Atlantis. Of course, whether or not Atlantis once existed, it now be­longs to history. The scarcity of hard evidence verifying claims of a Lost Continent is always excused by the calamity that befell it, plus the enormous length of time that has since passed.