What Happened to Reuben?

What Happened to Reuben?

Please note that this is a translation from Ria’s notes for a lecture given in German to an assembly of Christian brothers gathered in Bad Teinach on 30th October 2007, for a 5 day conference, the theme of which was The House of Judah and the House of Israel, and is not a verbatim word for word translation as given in the lecture.

Dear children of God and Israelites, my lecture is about God’s dealings in earthly affaires and is based on the Bible. God’s word is life and it gives life if we hear and believe through conviction by the Holy Spirit.

Is there actually a method whereby we can find out where Israel’s tribes live today?

The methodology is to study both the Bible and secular history together as the prophecies given for every tribe should indeed enable them to be identified through historical evidence.