What Happened to Cain?

What Happened to Cain?

WHAT HAPPENED TO CAIN? is a question in the minds of many believers and non-believers as well. The Bible does not trace Cain very far, and yet the fact is that Cain is a definite historical character of whom you can learn as much outside the Bible as you can from the Bible itself.
Do not let anyone tell you that these Old Testament people are myths. They are not. They are definitely a part of history. The Bible states that Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden; EASTWARD, evidenced by the Cherubim being placed at the east of the Garden to guard it against their possible return.
If they had gone to the south or to the west, guards at the east side would not have meant a thing. Obviously, they went to the east; and, as we learned when we were studying Noah’s flood,
Adam’s migration actually took him and Eve into the Tarim Basin, in what is today called Sinkiang, in the extreme south-western part of China. The migration undoubtedly took a considerable period of time; as it was a very long way to walk, but they had time in those days, for Adam lived over 900 years.
In the area where they settled, Eve gave birth to two children: Cain and Abel. Much is lost in the mistranslations in your King James Version. Genesis 3:15 establishes the theme of the entire Bible, and all the rest of it is a development of that theme. .