What Can Be Done If You Have Been Vaccinated?

What Can Be Done If You Have Been Vaccinated?

UNFORTUNATELY, MANY MANY PEOPLE WERE VACCINATED before the dangers thereof became obvious and we are now praying that the consequences for those who were duped by the government into submitting to the experimental biochemical agents they falsely presented as vaccines for a mischievously mispresented virus will not be as serious as many experts have been desperately trying to warn us.

Having said that, we can do a lot more about it than simply sitting around and waiting to see who dies.

We can search out solutions and remedies that might help alleviate or even eliminate some of the harm the pseudo-vaccines do to the human body.

Research is already being hurriedly done in that direction, albeit the vaccine offensive was a surprise attack that caught us unprepared, in the hope that many lives can be saved and much severe illness avoided.