Were All The People on The Earth Drowned in The Flood

Were All The People on The Earth Drowned in The Flood

WE WILL NOW TOUCH ON A SUBJECT OF GREATER SIGNIFICANCE THAN ANYONE MIGHT HAVE, AT A MOMENT’S GLANCE, THOUGHT IT CONTAINED, —- the subject of the flood. The question: did everybody on the earth excepting the family of Noah, eight souls at that time existing, living upon the earth, — did everyone else drown? Were Noah and his own family the only survivors in the earth? You might think that this subject isn’t altogether too important and so you say, “All you have to do is go back into the Book of Genesis and read the testimony that the waters covered the whole earth, that it went above the mountains fifteen cubits and that is sufficient; that the flood was complete, that it covered all the earth and that everybody outside of the family of Noah died in the waters of the flood.” Now I am going to show you why it is important that you know the truth concerning this matter.

I recently listened to a clergyman talking to his people and he said that we were arriving now at a great utopian age in which all races and all peoples would mix together, there would no longer be the separation that divides them, either by race or by nation or by continent, and he hailed the development of the United Nations and all the trends of the times as a great and healthy sign that we were getting back to where we were in the household of men and nations before the flood. Well, one thing is quite obvious: Such ignorance concerning the truth as it actually exists in the records, both of Scriptures and of anthropology and archaeology, is creating a great catastrophe.
I maintain that one of the greatest catastrophes that could ever envelop the Kingdom of God, or your race, would be to absorb all people into one world government, absorb them all into one racial family and fold all their religions into one religion.

—This would be the end of truth; this would be the end of the program of God’s Kingdom. And I intend to assure you that this is not going to happen, because there is a powerful, dynamic force in God’s spirit dwelling within the children of His Own household and family which He is going to re-stimulate; and instead of uniting all the peoples into one polyglot mass, He is going to cause His people to come out and be segregated and separate again, in order to carry forward the destiny which God has ordained.

It is this moving spiritual force that is going to again bring your nation out from under the bondage to which it has surrendered its sovereignty; it is this guidance of spirit that is going to set men free. And when the great movement towards faith, liberty, truth and the development of God’s Kingdom rises to its peak in your age, it is going to be to a spiritually quickened and awakened race. The spiritual centre of the church, sent to do this job, is going to help bring this thing about. The church has a great work to do, and as the oracle of God it is going to start proclaiming that truth, and people are going to come out of their sleep and they are going to stand upon their feet, as a great and mighty witness to their Father.