Two Seedline Taught in The Dead Sea Scrolls

Two Seedline Taught in The Dead Sea Scrolls

SHOULD YOU DESIRE MORE INSIGHT ON THE SCRIPTURES, I highly recommend you investigate the Dead Sea Scrolls. You should first study the history of how and when they were discovered. This can be done by reading the introductions of several books that have been published on this subject.

One such book I suggest for this is Understanding The Dead Sea Scrolls edited by Hershel Shanks (c) 1992, published by Random House, NY. Though Shanks is a “Jew,” the book is a collection from several Dead Sea Scroll authors.

It is also necessary to understand who wrote them and copied most of the books of that pre‑ New Testament period including many of the books we now have in our present Bibles. Additionally, we must analyse the text and context of the Dead Sea Scrolls themselves.

Wherever they already agree with our present Bibles, we must be thankful, but where there are discrepancies, we must resolve them. One such discrepancy is found in I Samuel 11:1‑3.

The scroll in question is designated 4 Qsam a, and was found in cave #4. The following represents an omission at the beginning of that chapter. Please get your Bible and turn to 1 Samuel 11; then read the following in italics; then continue reading in your Bible from verses 1‑10, omitting the word “Then” in verse 1: