Tribe of Levi – Where do We Find Levites?

Tribe of Levi – Where do We Find Levites?

Please note that this is a translation from Ria’s notes for a lecture given in German to an assembly of Christian brothers gathered in Bad Teinach on 30th October 2007, for a 5 day conference, the theme of which was The House of Judah and the House of Israel, and is not a verbatim word for word translation as given in the

In the beginning was the Word. In our study into what happened to the tribe of Levi it is first necessary to study the Hebrew alphabet which has great significance in respect to the tribe of Levi. The Hebrew alphabet, as well as having numerical values, each letter also represents an object.

Third Letter of the Alphabet

With the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet, we think of oneness – Father, Son and Holy Ghost. This letter named camel in numerical value is 113 (3+40+40+30), which is connected with worship, praise and hope. Psalm 113 clearly shows these attributes. Let us now read this Psalm: